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Reggae across the globe

Jamaica (Jamaica Observer): Aima Moses and Sol X-Ray are from different parts of the world but have the same vision -- to make reggae music. Moses, from Dominica, and Sol X-Ray, who is from the West African country Togo, recently recorded the song Beat Dem, produced by Jamaican Adrian Hanson. Moses explains how the song came about.

"Adrian Hanson and Sol X-Ray's team wanted both of us to collaborate. Two artistes in different parts of the world with one vision," he said.

"It was necessary to utilise the drums and live instruments in this recording because of the vibration of the song. The words without these instruments would never be complete," Moses added.

Moses has worked with artistes from different countries including United Kingdom-based Ras Bruno, French dancehall artiste Kaso, and Jamaican artiste Cario. His upcoming album features Jamaican artistes.

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