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Future of reggae safe, says Wailing Souls

Jamaica (Jamaica Observer): "REGGAE is a music of love, a music of teaching people how live amongst each other from the earliest days. It's a spiritual thing. Reggae music is almost like gospel music," said Lloyd 'Bread' McDonald of the reggae group Wailing Souls.

In an interview with the website www.tahoedailytribune.com, the reggae veteran spoke about the future of reggae music, the use of musical technology among other topics. Lloyd ‘Bread’ McDonald (left) and Winston ‘Pipe’ Matthews of Wailing Souls.

According to the entertainer, the future of reggae is very promising and safe. "I think the future is very great. Most of the time people are getting exposed that are not really doing the right work. These people aren't all that talented. You have a lot of youth that are coming up out of Jamaica now. But they're not getting that exposure for some reason or the other," McDonald said. McDonald partially blames the use of payola for some of the poor productions that the genre has to offer.

"Money is good and bad. 

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