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St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN):  Don’t put out your garbage on Christmas and New Years Day.  That’s the appeal coming from the Solid Waste Management Corporation as the clock kicks down to the 25th.

 “We don’t work on Christmas Day and we don’t work on New Year’s Day.  When I say we don’t work, not to the public.  You’ll be surprised the other things we’re doing behind the scenes…so the landfill won’t be open, and we won’t be collecting any garbage with the trucks…but all the other holidays during the season, we’ll be out there,” SWMC General Manager Alfonso Bridgewater said Tuesday.

He advised however, that business owners – particularly restaurants – can make special arrangements to access the landfill when it was not usually open to the public.

“The people who do businesses, they could talk to us at least 48 hours before.  We could make arrangements so they don’t have to keep the garbage on their compounds for extended periods.  We make an arrangement where they could get to the landfill after hours where the security there would let them in, but this has to be arranged in advance.”

He also has a reminder for the street vendors as the big carnival events approach.

“You should have something which you should be putting your waste generated in.  Even though Solid Waste would be having the large bins strategically placed on Bank Street, on Port Zante, up New Street and we will be having our sweepers, you’re supposed to have right next to where your vending site is, something to put your waste in then you transport it to the big bin.”

Meantime, Solid Waste has a New Year’s appeal for householders: ‘Get on board the waste management train.’

“We have been with you every single week this year.  You know what that means, we have had 26 hours approximately pleading, begging, encouraging, cajoling you,” Mr. Bridgewater said, speaking on the Corporation’s weekly Talking Trash programme.

“Solid Waste management has been coming into your ears, into your house, into your cars, sit down and a minute and [say] did they make a change?  Did they make an impact on me?  Do something different this year…I can’t think of another public entity which has spent so much time and energy in reaching out to the public, help us by making sure that you do at least one thing positive with respect to the management of your waste.”


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