St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): “None of our jobs are on the line. I can say without fear of contradiction that there is no pressure brought to bear from any side or any place to this High Command in terms of delivering.”

That was Police Commissioner Ian Queeley responding to media questions on Thursday (Feb 24) whether members of the High Command fear for their jobs at the end of the two-year probation period, and if they were under pressure to produce better results.

On February 1 Minister of National Security, Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris called for improved crime fighting results in 2017. He said the Force’s leadership was appointed on a two-year probation before they could be confirmed in their positions.

Commissioner Queeley said the issue of the probation period and demand for improved results was actually a non-issue as it relates to the High Command’s appointments.

“The Police High Command, we are appointed on probation. The Police High Command falls within the ambit of the civil service, and it must be very clear, once you’re in the force  and you become a gazetted officer, you are looked at as a civil servant. 

“We are here appointed and I say we are familiar with what the law says in relation to promotion and probation and so I really would not want to make that an issue or talking point.” 


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