St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Premier Vance Amory isn’t ready to give any hint on when the coming Nevis election will be held.

The election is due next year - 2018.

But will it be held earlier – a question WINN FM put to the Premier.

“That has not been occupying our minds at this time. Its due in 2018 so you can say it’s on the horizon but it’s not something that we are pre-occupying ourselves with at this time.”

WINN FM asked if it was likely that the Premier would go to full term as last year the suggestion was that he would have retired in January, and if he was likely to go soon.

“Again those are things which have not yet been determined.  I don’t know if that was a correct representation, I think that was misrepresented. In time all that will be revealed.”

Premier Amory is also a senior minister in the Team Unity federal government.

The coalition has been holding a series of meetings aimed at pointing to its achievements over the past two years.

But is it as popular today as it was when it won the general election in February 16 of 2015.

“I think Team Unity has done very well, when I walk the streets and we go to the meetings, I think the people are in my opinion very satisfied with what Team Unity has done. You will always have the naysayers who feel that there could be more done but I feel that the strategy of having a five year term and a five year programme is critical and I think we have to remember that every programme which government has, has to be properly thought out, implemented and financed. I think that we are all aware that finance flows in terms of the cash flow of the country, you cannot just put money into, unless you want to increase the debt inordinately, I think it’s better to follow the process in a manner which makes sense progressively improving year after year.”

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