St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The Team Unity government continues to be a strong advocate for gender parity, according to Prime Minister Timothy Harris.

His message coincides with Wednesday’s observance of International Women’s Day, which has sparked month long activities in the federation.

“International Women’s Day predated the UN’s involvement in it by more than 60 years. Way back in 2009, no less an entity than a socialist grouping in the USA, would put forward a need for the observance of International Women’s Day. The theme for this year is ‘Being Bold for Change’ and it focuses primarily at women at work with a reminder that it is part of the United Nations’ goal to achieve gender balance in the workplace 50-50 by the year 2030.”

On the eve of the observance, Prime Minister Harris, speaking at the opening of the New Victoria Road Pre-school, lauded the contribution being made by women to the development of St Kitts and Nevis.

“There are some areas at which women excel and indeed dominate the workplace, some of them come quickly to mind. Education, early childhood, health delivery, gender counseling. I lay the backdrop to the observance of International Women’s Day because I think it is significant that on the eve of that celebration we are opening the new Victoria Road pre-school and in our pre-school our women dominate. In fact we are biased against males in our pre-schools in that perhaps all save one of the teachers and instructors are women. Today’s event then in a way establishes how far we have reached in terms of the participation of women in the workplace, how we have celebrated and how they are key to national life and national development.”

The current administration says without effective participation of women in all areas of national life, progress and development would be stultified and anemic.

The Harris-led Team Unity coalition government is encouraging and inviting the federation’s women to be active participants in national life.

In an early news item on International Women’s Day, WINN FM, quoting Wikipedia, reported that Labour Party chairperson, attorney Marcella Liburd was the first woman to become Speaker of the National Assembly in 2004.

However it’s been brought to our attention that there was a much earlier female Speaker – Ada Mae Edwards.

Ironically, the same Wikipeda is confirming this.

It says Edwards was elected to be the Speaker of St Kitts Assembly, and became the first woman speaker in 1978 in Saint Kitts and Nevis.




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