St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); National Carnival Power Soca Monarchs LAX and KT are in Montserrat to compete in the OECS Soca Competition Thursday night (Mar 16).

Jarez “LAX” Liburd and Jason “KT” Kyte will come up against serious competition from soca stars from Antigua, St. Lucia, Grenada, Anguilla, St. Vincent, and Deli Ranks out of Nevis.

LAX and KT, backed up by their team of dancers, will be performing their 2015 hit “Jackhammer” and the 2016 crown-winning song “Big Truck” for the two-round competition.

WINN FM: How does it feel to be representing St. Kitts on the regional stage?

LAX: First off, Montserrat is nothing like I expected; I was blown away. It’s a very beautiful place; the vibe is nice, the people are nice. 

It feels good representing St. Kitts in any way. That’s where you’re from so you want to be out there pushing the country forward, put it on the map, be recognized, so it’s a good feeling.

I would like to thank the Carnival Committee and Flow for their sponsorship in making my participation in the competition possible. 

WINN FM: What do you think competing on a regional stage will do for your career?

LAX: It would not only boost me as an artiste with people seeing LAX, hearing who LAX is, it would also boost St. Kitts. This would help get visitors, producers, people with studios, to want to come to St. Kitts and invest in the talent, because they will see from this soca monarch competition that St. Kitts has talent and we need to get it out there for people to see.

WINN FM: Do you think that this may lead to bigger and better things for LAX and KT?

LAX: Of course! Since we’ve been here we’ve met a producer who’s opened up his studio for us whenever we had free time here, so I’ve had an opportunity to do some work in a start of the art first class studio here in Montserrat, so things are already on the up.

WINN FM: What are your expectations for tonight?

LAX: I’m always ready for a challenge; I don’t like anything that comes easy. You know they say the harder the battle the sweeter the victory.  

My expectation is one thing; what I came here to do- bring home the crown to St. Kitts.

I would like to thank all the LAX and KT fans and supporters for the encouragement. I’m gonna do this for y’all, bring home the crown.

Watch the show live starting at 8 pm...LAX and KT are performing in the #2 spot for both rounds: 

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