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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Former Governor Sir Probyn Inniss is to be given a state funeral with full military honours.

A government release says the state funeral will take place next week Thursday at the Wesley Methodist Church.

According to the release, Thursday March 23 has been declared a national day of mourning. 

The body of Sir Probyn will lie in state at Government House from 9:00am to 2:00 pm, on the day of the funeral. 

All flags on government buildings are expected to be flown at half-staff on March 23.

A committee is reported to have been set up to plan the state funeral of Sir Probyn, who died at the age of 80.

Meanwhile two stalwarts of the political arena, former government ministers, have disclosed their having had an opportunity to hold wide-ranging discussions with Sir Probyn Innis on Saturday, the day before the former governor died.

Operation rescue’s Dwyer Astaphan and Team Unity’s Sam Condor say they visited Sir Probyn in hospital after learning that he was ill, a visit that gave both sides an opportunity to reminisce and share their love of the federation.

Condor, a former Deputy Prime Minister and currently one of the country’s diplomats, speaking on Operation Rescue’s weekly radio programme, said Sir Probyn’s contribution to the federation was legendary.

“Between 1981 and 2017 his advocacy and the promotion of the principles of good governance and the rule of law has been legendary. Sir Probyn has written extensively on the constitutional and political development of St Kitts and Nevis and his book Whither Bound St Kitts and Nevis, was not a chronicling of the century old relationship between St Kitts and Nevis but an effort to assess and analyze the potential and possibilities of these two islands that were put together against their will.”

Operation Rescue’s Astaphan has described Sir Probyn as a quiet giant who was one of the warriors for justice.

“Probyn Inniss did not go around the place and be rough and violent and crude, but Sir Probyn Inniss was one the great warriors for justice and for dignity and integrity in the modern history of this country and the historians have to give him his stripes. Probyn Inniss for me is a study of a quiet giant, some people bestride their times in a rambunctious way and they make their mark on history, he made at least a giant mark in history.”

Sam Condor has disclosed that as an MP dealing with matters of national interest he relied heavily on Sir Probyn.

“And also even more so when I was doing the increase in senator’s bill, my presentation was largely influenced by advice that I got from Sir Probyn and so throughout my political career from 1989, those 28 years, til March 11th  2017 when I saw him last and spoke to him, during those years I have had the opportunity, the benefit, and the honour and the privilege to interact with him and to gather from his experience.”

Former governor, historian, lawyer and church leader Sir Probyn died on Sunday.

Prime Minister Timothy Harris described him as an eminent citizen of St Kitts and Nevis who had a deep and enduring love for his country. 

Others paying tribute included Opposition MP and Labour Party chairperson Marcella Liburd – she said Sir Probyn was a noted historian who will be deeply missed.

And Queens Counsel Emille Ferdinand said the former governor was an independent thinker, a historian of note and with other attributes which made him of great value to his community – someone who contributed in every sphere of activity.



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