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St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); St. Kitts ruled the night Thursday (Mar 16), mashing up the place with "Big Truck" and "Jack Hammer" to win the 2017 Regional “Arrow” Soca Monarch Competition in Montserrat.

Despite an extremely late start, feters were undaunted, jamming and waving to the infectious tunes of the St. Kitts Power Soca Monarchs.

Ricky T out of St. Lucia placed first runner-up and Menace from Antigua copped second runner up. The other islands competing were Deli Ranks from Nevis, Anguilla, Grenada and St. Vincent

Popular broadcaster with ZJB Radio Montserrat Basil Chambers, who hosted the Soca Competition, had rave reviews for LAX and KT.

“The show was well attended. Lots of people are here for St. Patrick’s Day so we had a big turnout for the show. Not surprising to me the guys from St. Kitts won that show; they were brilliant, they had a good team onstage, they knew exactly what they were doing.

They came here and they rocked the park, I can tell you that. St. Kitts was well represented; they had the crowd going. They were by far the best and they really put down a solid performance.”   

Chairman of the Soca sub-committee of the St. Kitts National Carnival Ogrenville Browne said he had no doubt the St. Kitts Power Monarchs would have done well in Montserrat.

He extended congratulations to the duo, saying, “hard work and persistence pays off in the end and I know these two young men will continue to do well in their future endeavors and make our federation proud”.

The Soca Chairman also recognized reigning Culturama Soca King Delly Rank’s performance at the show although he did not place. He said the federation should be proud to have had three artistes performing for a regional soca competition.

Jarez “LAX” Liburd and Jason “KT” Kyte collected US$5000 for their winning performance. 

WINN FM touched base with the winners but they were too tired for a full interview having gone straight from the show into J’ouvert. They did however say it was an amazing feeling to win against top contenders from across the region, and to bring the crown home to St. Kitts.

The now double crown Monarchs are scheduled to return to the Federation on Sunday, after taking in some of the weekend activities for Montserrat’s St. Patrick’s Day festival.


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