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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Attorney General, Vincent Byron, revealed to WINN FM during a recent interview that the government was reaching out to the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Commonwealth Secretariat to assist with their enumeration efforts.

Mr. Byron told WINN FM that every precaution would be taken to ensure transparency in the process, going on to say that the government would invite those who had been observers at the general elections to also be observers for and to assist with overseeing its enumeration process.

“We will be consulting with and inviting partners, this is still to be determined as to when and how the process by which, but we will be reaching out to the Commonwealth. I think as we speak this is being done, we’ll be reaching out to the OAS as well who have also been a part of the observer missions that have come to look at our past elections and so it is one in which we expect to engage not just our international partners but more importantly we want to engage all stakeholders, all elements of our society so that its open, fair, transparent, and accountable. I think the fairness and transparency aspects of it have to be very critical because we have to ensure that our citizens have trust and confidence that we are not in any way trying to manipulate the system” Byron said.

The Attorney General announced that one of the first actions the government would be taking for electoral reform was going to be a house-to-house enumeration exercise.  This, he said, was to ensure that people were voting in areas where they actually lived and that the process would begin sometime this year.

In several reports submitted by the OAS and the Commonwealth Observer missions following the past few general elections, both recommended house-to-house verification of voters on the list.  The Commonwealth mission went as far as recommend that the Commonwealth Secretariat offer technical assistance to the Government to undertake a national registration and enumeration exercise.



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