St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Dr Harris was addressing Friday’s Regional Security System Council of Ministers Meeting in St Kitts, in his capacity as Council Chairman.

Making reference to a proposed RSS Cybercrime Investigations Lab, Prime Minister Harris said there were victims and sad stories of people who have fallen prey to cybercrimes.

And we would therefore want to charge the Executive Director to be expeditious in ensuring, that the cyber investigations lab is established and functioning as a matter of urgency during the course of the year. The issues of course are very significant, and there is a lot of havoc, if you will, being caused in people’s lives as a result of fraudulent and other activity taking place in the cyber world. A significant number of persons within St Kitts and the region have become victims of appeals in cyber space for people to put up money for one reason of the other. Usually in the expectation of some heavier sum to be found elsewhere and regrettably a lot of people get caught without thinking, because it’s like the bonanza that is promised that their minds go to. Your name suddenly appears somewhere magically and somebody is offering you thousands of dollars if only you would give your credit card number or some other form of id.”

According to the Prime Minister, he too has been targeted by cyber bandits.

“Only recently I was made aware that there was someone operating under my name, and that person or persons had been attempting to lure people into a trap, that there was some United Nations foundation/organization with which I was involved and which would provide them support. Now everyone knows in the country that I am the son of a poor man and I’m still a very poor man and I do not have those connections or abilities and so I’ve had to remind persons to be more vigilant and ask questions. To one extent you can dismiss any effort of solicitation on cyber, any request for information of a private nature which one may ask for unless you have confidence in the person who is asking for the information.”

Security concerns were among the agenda matters focused on by the RSS Council of Ministers meeting.

The security checks mentioned at the opening of the meeting included violent crime, drug trafficking and human trafficking.




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