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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Police Commissioner Ian Queeley has spoken out on the recent gun attack on the home and private vehicle of Deputy Prime Minister Shawn Richards.

In an interview with WINN FM, Commissioner Queeley said that kind of behavior will not be tolerated, and the police have stepped up security to address such matters.

“We frown on that kind of behavior, I think that this type of action is wanton and basically we cannot afford for our country to be seen in that light, we’re bringing the country into focus for the wrong reasons. The police have and will continue to deploy resources that will target such persons and the whole end is anticipated as bringing these persons to justice. I think it is something that the whole of civil society should condemn in the strongest terms because that is not a very good message at all.”

The Commissioner tells WINN FM that the investigations are continuing.

“There have not been any breakthroughs, the police have been following up on leads, operations have been intensified and we are looking for a suspect that could possibly be a person of interest in this matter.”

The Sandy Point home and private vehicle of Deputy Prime Minister Shawn Richards were shot at just after 3 am on Friday march 10.

Richards and family members were home at the time but no one was injured.

The action was last week condemned by Opposition MP Konris Maynard.

Maynard suggested however, that it should serve as a wake-up call for the authorities.

“We in this party and for the persons we represent, strongly condemn these and all acts of criminal activity across the country. Regardless of your political affiliation, regardless of your beliefs, these are not activities that anyone should be proud of. I believe that the incident can serve as a bell ringing in the heads of the members of this government that crime in St Kitts and Nevis is real. They cannot continue to put up a façade that crime is trending downwards.”

The Commissioner welcomed the solidarity against such criminal action.

However he is defending the position that violent crime is down.

“The opposition MP is right in condemning that and I would hope that all would publicly condemn those kind of attacks but the fact is that violent crimes are on the decrease and the police will continue to carry out our mandate because that is our mandate to not only decrease crime but the fear of crime which is permeating society at this point in time.”

WINN FM asked how do you reduce the fear of crime when the Deputy Prime Minister is being attacked?

“This is a whole society approach, it is not from the police’s perspective alone, because clearly there are persons in the community who are aware of who these criminals are and what they are doing and some of them actually facilitate the activities. So once we have the whole society approach and I really don’t think it’s beyond us, to ensure that the fear of crime is eliminated and we will be working hard as the year progresses to not only reduce the criminal activity but the fear of crime.”


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