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St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); Kareem Chumney, charged with manslaughter in the stabbing death of his 15-year-old brother, has been released on $50,000 bail.

Chumney went before the magistrate court on Wednesday and bail was granted under the conditions that he reports to the Basseterre Police Station every day, surrendered his travel documents, observes a 7pm-6am curfew, and remains at the home of his maternal grandmother.

21-year-old Chumney, a former nurses’ aid, was arrested on Saturday for the stabbing death of Ashanafi Saddler, his brother on his mother’s side. 

Saddler was reportedly stabbed in the chest during an altercation with Chumney at the Janet Alley, McKnight home where Chumney resided at the time. Chumney and his family are originally from Newtown. Saddler, who had been living in Anguilla with his mother for a while, had returned to the federation and was staying in Nevis. He reportedly came over to St. Kitts to attend a wedding that fateful weekend.

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