St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Operation Rescue played a meaningful role in helping the Team Unity administration get into office, the organization’s Dwyer Astaphan is contending.

Astaphan, a founding member of the coalition, has responded to what he sees as verbal attacks on himself and others because they criticize the administration over matters of good governance.

Operation Rescue’s Astaphan made the comments on his organizaton’s weekly radio programme on WINN FM.

“We were the first to publicly endorse Timothy Harris as the leader, the first, I did so on a platform in Molyneux one night. Washie did it, Richard did it, the facts are the facts and there could be no denying that the early and steady groundwork laying the platform for Team Unity was laid by Operation Rescue. There would not have been formed, they would not have been the government today if it wasn’t for Operation Rescue. Looking for no personal gain in the future, nobody wanted to be an ambassador. I was invited to be an advisor to the Prime Minister, I respectfully said no maybe we could discuss it, the discussion never took place after that.”

Dwyer Astaphan is apparently of the view that some of the public comments coming from Prime Minister Timothy Harris, while directed at three now former PLP executive members who want action on alleged unaccounted for campaign funds, that he Astaphan too is being taken to task because of his outspokenness on PLP and Team Unity matters.

“Those who claim that they are for good governance should be proud that we conformed and we complied with the founding constitution. So when you hear a little rey rey here and there it’s just a cheap distraction to hinder the forward progress and to destabilize the Team Unity government. I say to you, we are moving forward and we are not looking backwards” Harris said at the PLP convention.

Astaphan says while Operation Rescue’s help was being actively encouraged by the then opposition, Team Unity in government has a different take on the work of the organization.

Astaphan is predicting that Operation rescue will play a role in who wins the next general election. 

“They weren’t accusing us back then when we are helping them, when they were encouraging us to be vocal, encouraging us to march, encouraged us to do things. Back then they weren’t accusing us of being grudge and greedy or of wanting to get our way. Dr Douglas’ surrogates accused us of that but the Team Unity people did not accuse us of those things, the encouraged us, but now they want us to shut up. They ain’t want nobody to listen to us now, they want to have town hall meetings on the same night when we are having our thing, as if we are their enemy and I’ll say this to everybody who wants to listen, whether you like it or not, Operation Rescue will once again a play an important role in determining who wins the next election and who loses it. At the beginning and now and forever, God willing, we will call wrong, wrong and we will call right, right.”


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