St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The Traffic Department is delaying the implementation of parking restrictions in areas close to and along the Bay Road according to Inspector Carl Caines.

On A previous edition of the Breakfast Show’s “Traffic Talk” program, Inspector Caines had announced that as of April 3rd parking in front of Rams Supermarket and the Ferry Terminal on the Bay Road and the lower half of Delisle Street between Courts and KFC would be restricted to one hour.  The change was supposed to be among others to have taken effect starting this week. For example, King Street has now become a one-way street from West to East.  On Monday’s program, Inspector Caines said that there would be a delay to the introduction of the time limit for parking.

“We have a barrier on King Street to indicate that there is no entry from the Wellington Road end, so that is in effect and we will have the sign mounted before the week is over. The one hour parking in the Basseterre area will also be up before the week is over. We had a bit of a challenge with the persons who do the signs for us, so we had no signs to mount.”

The Inspector said that there would be a grace period between when the signs are erected and when they are enforced.

“We will put them up and we’ll give the drivers a grace period, we know that some persons won’t remember and some will go and park and stay longer than they should, but we’ll continue to sensitize and educate them as to the way going forward. I want to apologize to the public because I promised that in two weeks time the signs would be up and we had some issues with that.”

Another delayed effort will be the introduction of restrictions on when delivery trucks would be allowed to visit business places in downtown Basseterre. The Head of the Traffic Department had indicated that the intention was to stipulate set times during which deliveries could be made. Inspector Caines said that feedback from the public on how best to implement this move would be welcomed in the interim.

“We want to identify the areas that are problems, so the listeners can tell us where we can have the timed areas for trucks to do drop offs. We don’t want to look at any one spot, the public is more on the ground and if suggestions are made we’ll take the cue from there.”


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