St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); The promise of polygraph screening for members of the police force will become a reality later this week when all Senior Officers will also undergo advanced security screening.

Commissioner of Police Ian Queeley announced Monday evening that starting this week the Senior Officers will undergo a detailed Forensic Polygraph Examination and a Psychometric assessment to ascertain mental suitability.

Polygraph testing, referred to as lie-detector tests, are designed detect and record changes in physiological characteristics to determine if a person is telling the truth or being deceptive.

Psychometric tests are designed to measure candidates' suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude or cognitive abilities, by testing verbal and numeric reasoning as well as situational judgment.

Once the senior members have been tested, the screening process will continue with all other Officers within the Police Service. 

The Commissioner informed that the Polygraph Technology was introduced in the recruiting and selection process over the last few months, with all recruits in Training Class 41 being screened.

Commissioner Queeley said the Police Force continues the transformation into a modern day Police Service; one built on “integrity and service delivery”.

He said, "As we continue to look at criminal activity both within and outside of our borders, in order for us to be most effective we must operate in an environment of continued trust. Our country expects the highest standards of integrity in those we entrust with the security of our nation and so, as Commissioner, I have decided that there is no more a transparent way than to employ the most advanced security screening for our officers. We will employ a mix of advanced screening protocols which are in line with best practices internationally. Our officers will be screened using the most advanced system called EyeDetect, in addition, they will also undergo a detailed Forensic Polygraph Examination and a Psychometric assessment to ascertain mental suitability."

The Commissioner did not say if the results of the security screening would determine officers’ employment status, however a communiqué from the agency did say, “Every officer will be screened to ensure continued suitability for their current and future assignments within the Police Service”. 

WINN FM spoke with Colonel Patrick Wallace, Commander of the St. Kitts and Nevis Defense Force who said the agency will also be implementing the security screenings, starting with new recruits.

When asked if soldiers and members of the Defense Force’s top ranks will also be subject to the screening, Colonel Wallace stated, “Everybody will be tested”.

Commissioner Queeley told WINN FM a trained polygrapher would be the one administering the security screenings.



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