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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The fortunes of the two-year old three-party Team Unity administration are either up or down, depending on who is doing the analysis.

At the recent Peoples Labour Party convention, Party leader and Prime Minister, Dr Timothy Harris, indicated that a recent poll done on behalf of the coalition shows that Team Unity continues to do very well.

Dr Harris did not say who conducted the poll, or when its results would be made public.

However he told the March 25 convention that the public opinion poll represents good news for Team Unity.

“A recent poll which was conducted in St Kitts and Nevis has reported, I am advised, that a majority of people in St Kitts and Nevis say that they still prefer Team Unity. That is why I made the claim that the pathway to political victory in the future will only come through one way, through Team Unity.”

However the Prime Minister’s former press secretary Clecton Phillip contends that the people are not buying the prime minister’s message despite the “heavy propaganda” that the coalition is engaging in.

“If you have to repeatedly, repeatedly be telling people the same thing over and over again and convincing people that you are a good person, it means that you are very much aware that the people are not buying your story. That is why every single day, he has deluged the media with all kinds of stories from SKNIS, from his press office, from Michael Powell’s radio station, all over the place he has people coming with the message over and over again, we are decent, we are honest, we’re doing good governance, he’s saying it over and over again and if he has to do it every single day it means that he’s aware that people are not buying his story. The people are not buying what Tim Harris is selling.”

However the Prime Minister says the coalition is doing well, and that there is general support for his administration.

“I have some of the findings of that poll and I want to say we are doing well you know, we are doing well. There appears to be general support for Team Unity, and the work that is being done to enhance the lives of all persons within the federation. Team Unity is cognizant of the challenges that exist, that it cannot rest on its laurels and there is much more work to be done.”

The coalition comprises of the Peoples Action Movement – PAM, the Concerned Citizens Movement – CCM, and Dr Harris’ PLP.


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