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St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); The Cable Building on Cayon Street was partially evacuated early Thursday afternoon (Apr 6) after occupants reported the scent of something burning.

WINN FM visited the scene and met several persons who worked in different businesses in the building standing outside on the pavement.

At around 2:30pm two members of Fire and Rescue Services arrived in a pickup, followed shortly by St. Kitts Electricity Company employees.

By that time what appeared to be the scent of burning rubber material could be detected from outside the building.

WINN spoke with an official with one of the agencies that occupies an office on the upper floors, who said at that point they could not say if there was a fire inside the building.

He did say a strong burning scent had been detected in the hallways of the building and as a precaution all floors were evacuated. 

Later that afternoon WINN FM was able to get an update on the situation, and learned that a rat had gotten into the electrical closet at the end of the corridor on the ground floor, causing wires to spark.

As the electrical closet was close to the main air conditioning duct, the scent of the burning wire insulators quickly spread throughout the building.

The building was shut down as electricians removed the dead rodent and repaired the damaged wiring. 






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