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St. Kitts and Nevis: (WINN): WINN FM and Digicel collaborated to commend a young boy for his extraordinary act of kindness with a handing over ceremony on Wednesday.

The young boy in question is Ray Browne of Immaculate Conception Catholic School, who helped a disabled tourist access Independence Square.

Ray Browne said that once he noticed that the disabled foreigner needed help, it was natural to him that he should assist.

Browne also said as he was helping the wheelchair-bound tourist, someone congratulated him.

The good deed was observed by WINN FM's, Jacqueline Bryan, who then mentioned it on The Breakfast Show.

Ms. Bryan shared the story with Digicel’s staff, who then discussed it on Digicel’s radio programme Digichat.

Digicel’s Marketing Manager Marsha Chatterjee felt that the company should acknowledge Browne’s good deed.

“Ray you embody what Digicel tries to profess in that we try to help somebody every day and we try to keep it extra organized. Can you imagine just seeing somebody in a mobile chair or a wheelchair assisting them to get into the park to enjoy our country? What you did was truly remarkable. Continue to do the good work and to be kind.”

WINN FM’s Jacqueline Bryan said that Ray Browne’s act of kindness should be a reminder to all young people to help others.

“Now what you did is really important, it’s really important all young people do their part to assist others because we share our community and we have to help each other. So, it’s not necessarily a reward for doing what you ought to have done but because you were the only one among the group of many who decided to assist, you stood out among all of them. And I think that’s why Digicel was so impressed, and decided to make this presentation.” 

Ray Browne was awarded a smartphone by Digicel at the Wednesday morning ceremony at the Immaculate Conception Catholic School.


Author: Jendayi OmowaleEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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+3 #1 Cookie 2017-04-08 08:47
Congrats Mr. Browne, proud of what you did. I can assure you the person you helped will always remember St. Kitts and you in a positive way because of your good deed.
Stay positive young man and continue to make St. Kitts proud.
Yes, it shows there are definitely still some positive and helpful young people in the Federation. You are definitely one of them!

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