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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party is being advised to reform its party if they hope to assume office in the near future.

The advice came from callers on WINN FM’s Voices programme on Tuesday, where the current political landscape of St. Kitts and Nevis was discussed.

Several of those who called in criticized the opposition, expressing a range of concerns.

The lack of a succession plan in the Labour Party was one of the critical issues raised. 

“Listen to the opposition, this is what is happening, they have no succession plan that’s the first thing wrong with them. The leader wants to die in office like his successors before him and he doesn’t see any one who he can pass the baton to.”

Marcella Liburd, Chairperson of the Labour Party, has refuted these accusations.

She made specific reference to the succession plan issue. 

“Well that is totally false, but there is a succession plan for the party. We are not a stagnant party, it’s been there. Timothy Harris knows about it, Sam Condor knows about it, it’s been there and we actually had someone come in, an expert from overseas to address all of this, which was put into a report which they know about and they constantly sort of refine it because as I said like everything else it’s dynamic.”

The succession plan caller also accused the opposition of still maintaining the same old strategies and rhetoric that caused it to lose the last elections. 

“Mr. Nital the opposition here has not changed their strategy and their ways. The same strategies are what put them in the opposition in the early eighties, brought them into government into early nineties and took them out of government in the 2000 era and they have not changed their policies and their programmes.”

Labour Party Chairperson, MP Liburd says the tactics, the methods and plans of the party are currently the subject of proper consultation within the party.

“We are working on it right now, everything is timing. So, we are constantly revising and looking at the way forward, a different direction, but we are not ready to release it yet. So, we in the present constantly come together and look at these things, invite people and speak to experts. So, we are going to have brand new plans going forward it’s just that everything is timing.”

MP Marcella Liburd speaking to WINN FM on Tuesday.

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