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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The new executive of the Peoples Action Movement identified at the party’s caucus on Saturday (April 8), is to be ratified at PAM’s convention on April 23.

The Honourable Euguene Hamilton and Ambassador Jonel Powell are the Deputy Political Leaders of the party. Valentine Lindsay and Natasha Grey both retained their posts of Chairperson and Deputy Chair respectively. Candace Caines was named as the Treasurer.

WINN FM asked Mr. Richards if persons were satisfied with his term as leader.

“You always have those who will criticize, my term as leader is a three year term and that comes up for election next year and as such persons will be free to challenge me for the post of leader of the Peoples’ Action Movement.  I’ve said to persons that in the first instance my goal was to ensure that PAM is returned to government and that has been achieved and so I personally have been able to achieve what I set about to do when I took over the leadership of the Peoples’ Action Movement.” 

The People’s Action Movement is one of the three political parties forming the three-party coalition administration.


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