St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); Technicians with The Cable returned to work this week following a second strike over a salary dispute, after management approved a 10 % increase for employees.

The dispute had been ongoing since employees learned that Board members for The Cable had given themselves an increase and bonus in December, and employees complained that they had not had any increase in pay for about 9 years.

In February, after technicians working at the head end located at Buckleys staged sit-ins, the Board agreed that they would consider the staff requests and respond by the end of March.  

WINN FM understands that the deadline came and went with no word from the Cable Board and the technicians once again staged sit-ins last week. However following a meeting of top executives, staffers were informed that the Board had approved the salary increase. When questioned, one employee said they were not told when the increase would take effect.

As it relates to the other requests made by employees since January, WINN FM was told that the Board said it was working on those.

WINN FM spoke with Othneil Heyliger, Chairman of the Cable’s Board of Directors who confirmed the salary increase. He said it would be applied retroactively from January and applies to all levels of staff.





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