St. Kitts and Nevis Restaurant Week 2017 has been officially launched.

Speaking at Tuesday’s (Apr 19) launch ceremony, Alistair Williams, Executive Director of the Tourism Events Unit, underscored the objective of the annual event, which merges agriculture, food, and tourism.

“The purpose of Restaurant Week is about creating resilience and livelihoods here in the federation, with a greater thrust on linkages with agriculture and tourism, particularly focusing on things Kittitian and Nevisian that patrons visiting our restaurants will get a better appreciation and acceptability.” 

The themed ingredient this year is the yam. Mr. Williams said the once popular starchy vegetable is multipurpose and local cooks can use it to diversify their menus.

“This year the focus is on the root called the yam. In Restaurant Week we are emphasizing yam because we know that we would like to diversify the cuisine and what is served, and our people as ingenious as the yare have many different ways of producing and preparing these products and so it is of significance that we put our creative minds to work and come up with other novel preparations that makes it more appealing and desirable. 

“Here in St. Kitts and Nevis we are more familiar with three different types of yam and based on flesh color, we often call them the white yam and the yellow yam. Yam can be very filling, but more significantly, it is very nutritious.”

One of the activities of Restaurant Week is the local ingredients challenge where anyone can enter a dish or drink made from the selected ingredient. The winning dish is featured on the special Restaurant Week menus at participating restaurants.

“We want to make a special call for all in the federation to join in the celebration of the yam by entering the Restaurant Week Yam Challenge. It’s a federation-wide cooking competition for the best yam dish in St. Kitts and Nevis. Anyone can enter with an entrée or appetizer, a desert, or a drink made from yam. 

“You do not need to be a professional chef; in fact, past winners have been citizens for whom cooking is just a hobby.”

The first round of judging for the local ingredient challenge takes place May 13 and the final round, a live cook off, is set for June 17.

Diners can enjoy eating out at their favorite restaurants or try new eateries during Restaurant Week 2017 which will run from July 19 -30 and see participating establishments offering lunch and dinner specials at reduced prices. 


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