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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): “Our view in relation to Venezuela has been and continues to be, we must respect the territorial sovereignty of Venezuela, we must respect the ability of the people of Venezuela, the government and the opposition alike, to resolve their issues in a sensible and mature manner.”

That’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Mark Brantley’s response to calls from the Caribbean Chapter of the International Network in Defence of Humanity for CARICOM to send an envoy to Venezuela.

The human rights organization would like CARICOM to send a team of delegates who can assess Venezuela’s ongoing political turmoil under the Maduro administration.

 “That would be a matter for CARICOM, certainly a matter for discussion with Venezuela and certainly, I believe that we, St. Kitts and Nevis, have made it clear that if our assistance is required, our assistance is available, and I believe certainly that would also hold true for CARICOM because we have all throughout CARICOM enjoyed fruitful relations with Venezuela over the long history that we have enjoyed with them” Brantley said.

Chairperson of the Caribbean Chapter of The International Network in Defense of Humanity, Barbadian David Comissiong, argues that the United States has an agenda to dissolve the current Venezuelan government.

Political activist Comissiong says that western media plays a significant role in the U.S campaign against President Nicolas Maduro, which is why the CARICOM-led mission to Venezuela is necessary.

The international community is paying close attention to the volatile political activity in Venezuela, and several human rights organizations accuse Maduro of utilizing excessive violent tactics against anti-government protestors.

The opposition and its supporters state that the Venezuelan government is resorting to corrupt seizures of power from the House of Assembly and concentrating it within the executive branch.

Minister Brantley says that St. Kitts and Nevis and CARICOM continue to advocate for peaceful dialogue concerning the sensitive political situation in Venezuela.

“Our view is that we call upon all parties in Venezuela to engage in dialogue to peacefully resolve whatever outstanding political issues there may be in that country, and that we call on our partners including CARICOM and the international community to create an enabling environment for them to do so. We stand ready to be of any assistance that we can to Venezuela in its process, and I believe that CARICOM is of a similar mind in so far as our interactions with colleagues throughout the region is concerned. But it has to be done in accordance within the dictates of the Venezuelan law, the Venezuelan constitution and the tenants of democracy that we all hold dear” Brantley said. 




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