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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The government is following through with its investigation of the 2015 general elections and some matters are before the Director of Public Prosecutions.

That was the response given by Attorney General Vincent Byron when questioned on the issue at the Prime Minister's monthly Press Conference held on Wednesday (May 10) at government Headquarters in Basseterre.

“In terms of Wingrove George that investigation is still very active, it’s currently at the DPP’s chambers and until there is a final move by the DPP it would be inappropriate for me to speak as to what the particular outcome would be, but that is very much so. There have been senior members of the police who are still conducting investigations on this and it would be inappropriate for us to speak about this before the investigation is concluded.”

Mr. Byron said the government was aware that people wanted to know more about investigations.

“We understand and the government is very cognizant that the country wants to have reports on these matters, but one has to be exceedingly careful that you do not expose what the investigations are before you are ready to move forward with charges, if any.”


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