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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The killing of young entrepreneur Gregory Mills last Tuesday has left many young people asking what is happening today in the federation, according to Azard Gumbs, the president of the St Kitts National Youth Parliament Association - SKNYPA.

Twenty-seven year old Mills was shot to death while driving his vehicle last Tuesday afternoon – he was just one day shy of his 28th birthday.

Mills, who owned a Pizza business, became the federation’s 10th homicide for the year.

According to Gumbs, a young attorney, his death has left many traumatized.

“It’s very saddening, I mean the loss of any life is saddening, but to see a young man who had so much potential, a young man who was I’m sure admired for his entrepreneurial skills, his intelligence, someone who you could see was a role model in society, to lose his life like that, it is saddening. Often times we hear about murders and we often think that it doesn’t affect me, or its gang related or a tribal warfare but when you see that it affects not only those persons, on the face of it, those who are involved gangs but persons who you see as upstanding persons in the community that when it hits home and that’s when you begin to think wow, this could be anyone and I think that right now the current situation we have in St Kitts and Nevis, I think a lot of young people if you look at their Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram and posts that a lot of young people are concerned about what is happening and are seeking answers and solutions. I think that we as young people have a lot of promise but we must start to consider the way in which we in our own way can stem the problem, can address the problem with solutions, becoming our brother’s keeper. I know that many young people are perhaps fearful because they are wondering whether or not the police or the defence force or the social infrastructures of the state can protect them if they are to give evidence and I mean these are valid concerns.”

Gumbs was one of the panelists on WINN FM’s weekend programme Inside The News giving a youth perspective on crime in St Kitts and Nevis.



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