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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The police have arrested and charged five people for stealing a range of items from the Island Purified Water facility. 

Arrested on Saturday (May 13)  were Crispin Crossley of Malone Avenue, Dounel Gaskin of New Road Housing Project, Leshawn Dore of Upper Cayon, Avionics Huggins of Lower Thibou Avenue and Marie Francis of Central Market Street.

The five have been formally charged for the offences of building breaking, larceny and receiving. 

The accused are said to have stolen a number of items including a microwave, a 32 inch Samsung TV, a vault and two Pixi Alcatel one touch phones.

Two hundred and twenty-five EC dollars in cash were also stolen, according to the police.

Assistant Commission of Police Andre Mitchell who heads the Crime Directorate, commenting on the arrests, said the police will continue to pursue relentlessly, persons intend on creating injury and hurt, as well as those who make a living out of depriving others of property.

ACP Mitchell said the police are making progress in the investigation of such crimes and the perpetrators, and are intent on bringing calm back to the business owner.

Speaking on the country’s overall crime situation prior to Saturday’s arrest of the five, the Crime Directorate Chief said the criminals were getting more aggressive and the police would respond accordingly.

“People who are witnesses of these crimes, by not coming forward they are somewhat encouraging the persons to commit these crimes. We are also seeing that persons who have been caught and are presently on bail are employing different measures to prevent themselves from being caught. So the High Command in its six point plan have set out a methodology in order to prevent the citizenry from the methods employed by these criminals that have become very aggressive. We will be aggressive, we will not tire, or relent in our efforts to catch these criminals and bring them before a court of law.”


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