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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Activities being undertaken by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure have been highlighted by Minister Ian Patches Liburd, as the country observes Public Works Week.

In an address to the nation, the minister made reference to projects being done by Public Works, as well as those about to commence, including the proposed second pier at Port Zante.

“The Ministry of Public Infrastructure through its Public Works Department is currently playing a leading role in several of the governments capital projects which are currently underway including a study and design for the stabilization of the hill slopes in Old Road Bay, the installation of traffic lights in key junctions in Basseterre, the construction of the East Bus Terminal at Wellington Road, construction of the new Basseterre High School at Pond’s Estate, the design of the new Sandy Point Police station and Court House, the construction of the new cruise pier at Port Zante just to name a few.”

Public Works Minister Liburd praised the staff of the department for work well done, while acknowledging that there is room for improvement.

“As the Minister of Public infrastructure I proudly salute and thank the hundreds of employees and professionals who work tirelessly throughout the country everyday to strengthen the network that keeps us all connected, safe and healthy. I will concede however that there is room for improvement in the delivery of the services we offer to you the public, but I am confident that over the past two years we have seen some improvement in the performance of the Public Works Department and the Ministry of Infrastructure and we will continue to work hard to further improve.”


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