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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): An impassioned appeal was made by Superintendent of the Moravian Church St Kitts Conference Hilton J Joseph, as the efforts to find missing teenager Leanna Napoleon continue.

Pastor Joseph in a statement on the matter, sought to speak directly to the seventeen year old.

“I would like to say to Leanna, Leanna we love you and we are praying for you, we want you to come home, come home to us. Come home to a church that has been very distraught, discouraged, some have not slept since she’s been missing. As a matter of fact as one of the senior pastors, I have to be encouraging those who have been close to her to eat, especially a few of my pastors to eat, because it has affected us tremendously, it has affected us physically. I was talking to one young man just yesterday and he said you know rev, I have lost so much weight since this situation. It has affected us emotionally, it has affected us spiritually and it has affected us physically, so we love you. If somebody has Leanna, let Leanna go! She is an innocent child, she is loved, she is somebody’s child, let her go because we are waiting to reconnect with her as we continue the journey on this side of the world.”

The police renewed their appeal to members of the public to help locate Leanna.

The seventeen year old was last seen on Monday May 8 at about 4:00 pm in the area of Basseterre’s Fort Street.

Assistant Commissioner of Police for Operations Terrance James says the search continues, and the police would welcome information on her whereabouts or any other clues on the matter.

“We have done an extensive search in the Buckley’s area on Sunday evening. At this time I am presently trying to mount another search, we do not want to be using our resources to just search willy nilly, we would want to target an area based on information  that we have because we would really like to find this young lady alive and in good health and so we are asking anyone in the community that could lead to finding this young lady we would really appreciate that and I’m sure the entire country would want that.”

Leanna’s adopted mother Yvette Greaux told one local radio station Monday that she had spoken to the 17 year old one week ago and wished her well as she was preparing to go to school to write her exams, along with Greaux’s own biological daughter.

Greaux told Freedom FM that was the last time she saw Leanna, and that telephone calls to the fifth form student were going straight to voicemail.

Pastor Joseph is reiterating the police appeal for help from the public to find Leanna.

“The call is still echoed for someone, somewhere, who knows the whereabouts of Leanna, this child, to speak up. Today marks seven days since a missing persons report was made with the Royal Police Force of St Christopher and Nevis, if you have any information, please contact the Basseterre police station or any police station.  We as a Moravian church remains on our knees seeking and speaking to the one that watches over the federation, knowing that he neither slumbers nor sleep, for we are confident that he still answers prayers. We remain hopeful, prayers for Leanna.”

Meanwhile a leading politician has appealed to Leanna return home.

In a radio appeal to the seventeen year-old, Opposition Leader Denzil Douglas said Leanna’s family members are deeply troubled, and the rest of the country deeply concerned about her safety and welfare.

The former Prime Minister on his weekly Kyss FM radio programme said "to those who are holding her, or know of her whereabouts, for God sake, please release Leanna Napoleon”.

Dr Douglas urged those with information about the missing girl’s whereabouts to inform the family, the police or fellow citizens to “bring some closure on this particular matter”.



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