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St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Taxi bus operators drove around downtown Basseterre honking their horns Tuesday morning (May 16), protesting what they call an unfair dispatching system Port Zante which gives preference to open air safaris. 

Here’s what some of the taxi operators had to say about the issue:

Taxi Operator: “We are protesting today because down at Port Zante these buses are not making any money. They put the safari open air in there and tell them they can get 16 passengers every day at US$25 a head, while we the buses can only get two to the Marriott or four to South Friars Beach for $16 and that is not fair. 

“My government say fair share so I would like to know where is the fair share for taxi drivers.”

Another Taxi operator: “We are asking for a fair dispatching system at Port Zante for all the taxi operators and safari operators. There’s a system there that was attempted since February 14, and it was an experiment, found not to be a best arrangement for all. There have been many meetings with the Minister [Lindsay Grant], the various stakeholders and they view it as it can be changed. Our issue is that they are waiting too long.

“We are asking for one dispatching system for everybody.”

 He said the protest was held on a day when there was no cruise ship in dock so as not to disrupt business or paint St. Kitts in a negative light for tourists. The taxi operator said Tuesday’s protest in downtown was about getting some attention for a really serious and pressing problem.”

WINN FM will continue to follow this developing story and seek comment from the Ministry of Tourism.



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