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Two young men are nursing gunshot injuries in the wake of separate shooting incidents in the rural village of St. Pauls Wednesday night (May 18).

WINN FM understands that some time around 10 pm, police received a report of a shooting injury in Rawlins Housing in St. Pauls. EMS and police responded to the scene and found a juvenile with a wound to his head.

He reported that he had been sitting on his verandah when an unknown assailant approached him and fired a gunshot in his direction before running from the scene. The bullet grazed the side of the young man’s head. He was treated at the Joseph N. France General Hospital. 

While police were dealing with that report, they received a call from the Pogson Medical Center in Sandy Point just after 10pm that an individual had turned up at the institution with multiple gunshot injuries.

Upon investigation police found Raheem Freeman of St. Pauls being treated for gunshot injuries to one of his shoulders and the side of his torso. 

He reported to police that while walking in the vicinity of a shop in St. Pauls, he was attacked by two masked assailants.

Freeman was later transported to the J N France Hospital for further treatment. 

The Violent Crimes Unit is investigating the reports. When questioned if it was possible that the victims may have actually been injured in the same shooting incident despite their reports, a senior police officer said police are looking at all angles as they carry out their investigations.   


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