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St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); As the search continues for missing 17-year-old Leanna Napoleon questions are being raised about the investigations. 

On Wednesday (May 17), WINN FM contacted Commissioner of Police Ian Queeley for comment on the Force's efforts to locate the teenager, last seen May 8.

“The police are not taking this investigation lightly, and the police are using all the resources that we have available to conduct the investigation. I know we live in a society where everyone thinks that they know what should be done and in what timely manner and so on, but the police have been investigating the matter and we are doing all within in our powers. 

The CoP continued, “We have to understand that this is an ongoing investigation and so police cannot say what they are doing and in what detail; however, on social media, there are many things going around, and many theories that people really do not have a hold on and they are circulating. To my mind, they are not really sensitive to the families or the victim, the person who in this case is missing. 

He said Police are following every possible lead in the case, but not every detail about the investigation can be revealed to the public.

“I will like to assure you that the police have not dropped the ball on this occasion. We have followed up on every single tip or bit of information that we would have gotten. We have been utilizing every resource available to us, but it is not for the police to come out in the public and say that they have done this and they have done that. The police are doing what is required of them, and until it is prudent to disclose what was done we will not do so; but I want to assure the general public that this case has been treated with the utmost seriousness that it deserves.”

A team comprising the Special Service Unit (SSU), the Anti-Drug Unit, recruits from the Police Training School, four teams from the K9 Unit, officers from the Fire and Rescue Services and the Defence Force conducted a search in the Buckley's area Wednesday morning (May 18) just after daybreak. Police have reported that other extensive searches are ongoing.   

The investigation into Leanna's disappearance included interviews with persons in Buckleys and on Fort Street in Basseterre, areas where Leanna was reportedly last seen and surrounding areas. Missing person flyers have been distributed and a reward of $25,000 is now being offered for information leading to her recovery.   

Leanna Napoleon is said to be five feet, five inches tall, of brown complexion, medium built and has long black hair. 

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact the nearest police station or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-8477 or use the SKN Crime Reporter App on their Smartphone.


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