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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): A former National Security Minister is asking whether the society is becoming numb to the killings and other violent acts occurring in the federation.

Operation Rescue’s Dwyer Astaphan made the observation while commenting about ongoing efforts to find missing Teenager Leanna Napolean.

Astaphan on his Operating Room Radio programme Tuesday (May 16), suggested that the society, the authorities, the media and others were not displaying the kind of motivation needed to galvanize the nation into action to find Leanna.

He mentioned too the recent killing of young businessman Gregory Mills, while querying whether homicides were now being taken for granted as part of life in the federation.

 “A 17 year old is missing and I’m sorry but I cannot help but wonder whether we as a society, we as people have become numb to human suffering and tragedy. A young businessman was brutally gunned down last week, as of hundreds of other young men before him over the last twenty years or so in this land of ours. Butchered by bullets coming from the guns held mostly of young men of their own age and now a young woman, a teenager is missing. I think with all of this brutishness that’s been going on in our midst, it’s fair to ask whether many if not most of us, have reached the point of surrender or indifference. Have we stopped being compassionate in this country, have we stopped being a community, is life now meaningless?”

Operation Rescue’s Astaphan says the current state of affairs is worrying. 

“I am worried for St Kitts and Nevis and we continue to put plasters on wounds, when what we need to do is to be getting to and stamping out the core causes of the hot headedness, or if you will the cold bloodedness, which is underscoring our living and our dying. We are living hotheaded lives, or if you will cold blooded lives and dying in similar fashion. Vicious men, vicious women, vicious children, failing systems, failing institutions, a dysfunctional society. If you’re not worried then please wake up and smell not the coffee, wake up and smell the blood. Too much blood has been shed and continues to be shed in this country.”


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