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St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); The Traffic Department of the Police Force has issued several reminders to vehicle owners as it relates to the use of tint, vehicle lights and acceptable license plates.

The Licensing Authority highlighted the provisions of traffic Regulations with respect to the lighting of vehicles that one: except with the permission of the Examining Officer, there shall not be affixed to the front or rear of a motor vehicle, any lighted lamps. Regulation 18(1) further provides that the rays from the lamps at the front of the vehicle shall be uncolored.

The use of soft colored lighting at the front of public service vehicles (hire buses) for identification purposes has been allowed, however, the use of blue lights on all vehicles, including public service vehicles is strictly prohibited as this color is reserved for use on Police vehicles only.

With respect to authorized registration plates, the letters and figures must be white, and the background of the plate must be black except in the case of motor Omnibuses, when it must be green.

All letters and figures must be three-and-a-half inches high; every part of every letter and figure must be five-eighths of an inch broad; and the total width of the space taken by every letter or figure, except in the case of the figure 1, must be two-and-a-half inches.

License plates must be placed at the front and rear of vehicles.

As it relates to the tinting of vehicles traffic regulations stipulates that the windows and windscreens of motor vehicles shall not be tinted darker than 35% light transmittance and in the case of rentals, NO tint whatsoever is permitted on these vehicles.

Violation of these regulations may result in drivers incurring a fine. Violation of the tinting regulation is subject to a five thousand dollars fine.

The Traffic Department strongly urges owners and drivers of vehicles that are not in compliance with these provisions to take corrective measures immediately to become compliant in order to avoid prosecution.

Police have announced that they will embark on an Enforcement Drive to ensure compliance. 


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