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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): If the case of Leanna Napoleon’s disappearance is not solved, it shows that vulnerable people can be targeted in kidnappings, and the perpetrators can get away with it.

That was said by Minister of Education Shawn Richards, at the Press Conference about the missing girl on Monday.

“If this particular matter is left unsettled, it not only sends the wrong message for us as a federation, but it also says that may be those involved in her disappearance that they can get away with it. It encourages other persons within society to not only target any one of us, but to target the youngest persons amongst us, this as a society we should not tolerate, this as a society we should not allow to continue, this is about the future of our nation.”

In an emotional appeal to the public to provide information on Leanna Napoleon’s whereabouts, Minister Shawn Richards described the reality of what this disappearance means for those close to her.

“The best friend of Leanna, for example, is actually one of her classmates and this is a classmate that is also currently undertaking exams. One can therefore put his or her mind to the state of play for this particular student at this point in time, having to share a room with someone, live with someone, having at this particular point in time having to sit exams with your best friend being missing.” 

Basseterre High School Principal Maurice Benjamin says that the situation surrounding the missing student shows that the citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis are no longer concerned with the well being of others in their community.

“At this time, persons in St. Kitts feel that it doesn’t take a village to raise a child anymore, and that we should concern ourselves with people’s children, you see them walking about, it is not a concern for you, and some parents do inform others, not to look at my child, look at yours, which is very unfortunate.” 

According to Principal Benjamin, the exam Leanna Napoleon took, EDPM, was only the first of her CSEC examinations.

Mr. Benjamin also said that following the disappearance of Leanna, a special assembly was held for her last week Friday, and affected students are receiving counseling to help them get through their examinations at this time. 



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