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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Police are investigating a shooting incident at Saturday evening's (May 27) football match at Warner Park.

One individual is nursing wounds including a knee injury, and the police say two persons are in custody assisting the police in their investigation into the shooting said to have occurred at about 7:25 pm Saturday.

According to reports, the shooting had football fans diving for cover as they sought to avoid being hit by the bullets fired on the eastern side of the park. 

The wounded man, who has been hospitalized, is Amal White, also known as soldier, who has worked with Operation Future.

He told WINN FM that he was shot in the hand and the waist, and fell, hurting his leg.

One prominent citizen has expressed concern that the lives of people trying to enjoy a sporting event are being put at risk by what he speculated was gang-related shootings.

One of the federation's ten homicides recorded so far this year was the killing of a young cricketer on the playing field during a cricket match in Nevis.

A cricket match at the Cotton Ground Playing Field came to a tragic halt Sunday March 26.

Rondell Chapman of Rawlins Village, Gingerland was on the field when two masked men rushed onto the grounds and opened fire, killing the young man on the spot.


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