St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); With just over two weeks to go before the scheduled opening of the Cultural Village for Culturama 43, work continues apace to get the reconstruction of facility completed in time.

The Cultural Village is where the Culturama booths are located, and where shows and other open area events are held. The official opening of the Village is slated July 14.

In a recent interview with Nevis Television, Culturama Committee Chairman Antonio “Abonaty” Liburd provided an update on the construction work.

“From the last time we were here, you would recognize that we are nearing completion with the rehabilitation of the Cultural Village. Almost all of our containerized booths are in place; we are just awaiting one final container. The customization of the containers has begun – we are installing the windows and the doors and we’ve started to paint the containers.

“The front stage is just about complete; we’ve already painted, and backstage we are now doing the finishing touches on the cubicles or dressing rooms. 

“However we recently started the construction of a new bathroom facility and we are just waiting to pour the concrete roof. We have been assured by the contractor that in the next two weeks that he will be [finished], so in fact we are on track for the opening of this brand new facility come July 14.”

The Chairman explained the decision to pave the grounds where patrons would gather, and as a result they are now looking at how best to deal with potential drainage issues.

“We came in and we decided we did not have enough time to create some green areas, so we decided we are going to give persons the option of partying on a concrete structure as opposed to creating some green areas.

“Now one of the issues we may be faced with is a drainage situation should there be heavy rains but we are monitoring it closely. On that end we have a trench and should we have heavy rain between now and the completion of the work we are going to be finding a way to channel into that drain and taking it away from the facility.” 

Reviews have been mixed about the inclusion of an elevated section where patrons can pay more to have specialized services, similar to that offered in VIP areas.

Overall, however, Liburd said people are pleased with the renovations.

“Persons have come and seen the raised platform; they have commended us on it. I think that persons who do not want to be on the ground where all the partying is taking place, they can pay a little something extra and be seated in that raised area; which I do not want to call a VIP but most persons are calling it a VIP area, where we are going to be offering special service, you would have your own bartender and all that inside of that area.

“Persons generally are feeling good about all of the work that we have done here at the Cultural Village; we’ve given it a general facelift so that everything here at this venue is going to be almost brand new upon completion.”  



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