St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Hundreds of children from all nursery and preschool institutions on St. Kitts, as well as some children from Nevis, walked from Warner Park to Independence Square on Friday morning (June 30).

As the children marched they wore t-shirts marked with this year’s theme for Child Month, “For Every Child, Early Moments Matter”.

June Wallace, Director of the Early Childhood Development Unit, spoke to WINN FM about the theme for this year’s Child Month, and the turnout for the event.

“We had to re-route because the ghaut was running but everything worked out well. The police assisted us well and I think they controlled the traffic and the route was shorter which made it even more enjoyable. ‘For Every Child, Early Moments Matter’ speaks to early brain development and early stimulation and ensuring that the children get the right kind of experiences, ensuring that children are not abused, that they are well nourished and they are well cared for.”

Teachers and parents were reported to have enjoyed the parade, and expressed that the children did as well.

“I found that it was very attractive, I think the colour of the shirt was a nice, beautiful and outstanding colour and it looked real nice.  I believe if the weather wasn’t how it was, it would have been awesome but nevertheless, the people still turned out and the children are having a good time as you can see” a parent said.

The parade ended with a picnic at Independence Square, with teachers, parents, children, workers from the Early Childhood Development Unit, and volunteers participating in the event.



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