St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); Minister of Tourism Lindsay Grant says over $100,000 EC was spent on local acts for the recently concluded 2017 St. Kitts Music Festival and its related events.

Local acts accounted for almost half of this year’s line-up, and based on fan reviews, provided top-notch entertainment. Making the list this year were Soca Monarchs LAX and KT; Groovy Soca King Rucas, Small Axe Band, Hi light, Grandmasters Band, Scratchi Bamma, King Craig, Akaii, King Dis and Dat, Stadics, Ras Idren, and Shanna. 

During Wednesday’s (June 28) session of the National Assembly, Minister Grant said this year’s festival saw the highest number of local acts, displaying the impressive quality of talent found in the federation.

“We had 15 local bands and artistes perform on the 2017 St. Kitts Music Festival and this figure represents 46.87 % of the total number of performers at the festival, an investment by this government of upwards of EC $90,000 to nurture local talent and artistes in the federation. 

“Frontstage at the Independence Square created an additional outlet to boost local musical expression by allowing an extra 12 artistes to showcase their musical genius and the St. Kitts Music Festival expended somewhere in the region of $15,000 on the procurement of folkloric and musical talent over the three-day period June 22-24.”  

The Music Festival also generated income for a large number of vendors, security firms, and other local individuals and businesses.

“In 2017 some 30 food and beverage and catering vendors were given the opportunity to ply their trade at the festival. We had in the region of five security firms complimenting the Police Force and Defense Force in providing safety and security services at the venue.

“We had three cleaning entities, ten ticket sales agents, 35 taxi and tour operators, 40 gatekeepers, 25 production technicians , all employed by the festival committee.”

The Festival Committee also employed local marketing and promotion, a part-local production company which provided the stage, lighting and other aspects of the production, and a local company to film and document the event.

Minister Grant again promised to table the Music Festival Accounts in the parliament. In the Festival’s 21 year history, audited financial statements have never been made public, despite various officials indicating that statements had been prepared and would be made available for scrutiny.

“It is now incumbent upon the Ministry of Tourism and the entities that I have the opportunity to lead, to produce for this Honorable House the accounts, so at least the general public would have an opportunity to have a bird’s eye view of the accounting process with respect to the St. Kitts Music Festival.”


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