St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); As the Police Force continues its recruitment drive to put more boots on the ground, more than three dozen foreign nationals are expected to begin training as police recruits in the federations.

This was revealed by Minister of National Security, Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris during an address in the National Assembly on Wednesday (June 28).

“The Police Commissioner has advised that there are some 40 potential recruits that will come from overseas to compliment our human manpower needs.” 

He gave the public an update on the government’s plan to bolster the human resource capacity within the various security agencies, including Customs and Her Majesty’s Prison.

“A batch of some 32 persons have started their training with the Police Force; 20 of our citizens are in training at our Defense Force; and we’ve added a further 10 over the last two weeks were approved for recruitment at Her Majesty’s Prison to specifically assist in the implementation of rehabilitation works for the inmates there; 14 persons are to be recruited to enhance the resources at our Customs and Excise Department; 14 are to be recruited for our CCTV surveillance and monitoring program.

“In sum, during the course of 2017 nigh 100 new persons will be added to the security services. These represent jobs for our citizens and residents.”    

With national security seeing not only one of the highest budgetary allotments for that area in recent times, but the amount allotted in the 2017 budget was one of the highest of all the ministries. 

Prime Minister Harris said the government remains fully committed to reducing and arresting the surge of violent crime in St. Kitts and Nevis as it continues to provide the necessary financing to enhance safe and security in the country.

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