St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Motorists are being warned against driving over the bridges located along the Bay Road at the end of College Street and Westbourne Ghauts by Inspector Carl Caines who heads the Traffic Department.

This word of advice was given following the passage of a Tropical Wave which teemed over 5 inches of rain on St. Kitts last week Thursday (June 29) and caused heavy flows of water in the ghauts around the island creating major disruptions to the flow of traffic.

“We are advising persons to avoid parking in the ghauts in those areas where the water would flow down to the sea. We want to advise persons to stay put if they don’t have come out, stay where they are until the storm/rain has subsided and the water goes down before they venture out. We also want to advise persons not to drive over the bridge down by the market, persons are using that as traffic flow, it is not designed for that and it can cause further harm and injury if that bridge were to cave in. So we are advising you if you don’t have to cross over the ghaut don’t go over the ghaut, wait in a safe place until the water subsides and then you can continue. Keep in touch with what is happening, listen to the media houses, the radio and get updates from the radio and from the persons who provides that information for us. What we find happening is that people are going out sightseeing and some persons are crossing over the water, you don’t know what is in the water, it could be some boulders in that water, you don’t know.”


Author: Jacqueline BryanEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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