St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); The gun play in St. Kitts has claimed yet another life, that of 26 year-old Kishorne Edwards of Upper Cayon.

Around 1am Tuesday (July 4), police received reports of gunshots in the Ottleys Village area. Upon arrival to the scene in the vicinity of the Water Tank, police found the young man slumped behind the driver’s seat of a vehicle, his upper body riddled with bullet wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The car was facing in the direction of Cayon.

WINN FM spoke with persons who went to the scene before police had arrived, and they described the killing as a brutal ambush. They said the black BMW the victim was driving had dozens of bullet holes on the driver’s side and front passenger side, as well as at the front. It was said the shells appeared to have come from at least three different types of weapons. Pictures taken of the victim at the scene were too graphic to publish.

Police markers indicated more than four dozen spent shells near the vehicle, an indication that the killers got up close and personal in carrying out the execution. Information received indicated spent shells were also found in a spot 50 ft from the scene. 

This latest killing brings the nation’s homicide toll to 17 so far this year, and is the second shooting incident in that village in less than two weeks. On June 21 a male resident of Ottley’s was hospitalized after an assailant or assailants pumped several shots into his body. 

Police are also investigating two other recent shootings where a businessman was shot reportedly during an armed robbery in Halfway Tree, and a 28-year-old male was shot while walking in Upper Cayon. Both incidents occurred on June 23, and left the victims hospitalized.

Police have stepped up their patrol and search operations, netting two illegal firearms within two days. A Kel-Tech P32 pistol with three rounds of ammunition was discovered in Cayon on June 25, and a Tech-22 pistol with thirteen rounds of ammunition was seized in Ottleys on June 27, bringing the number of illegal guns police have seized to 26 in just 6 months. In 2015 police a total of 21 illegal firearms and in 2016, 36 illegal guns were removed from the streets of St. Kitts and Nevis.



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