St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Meanwhile, No-Plastic Month culminates with the release of two Hawksbill Turtles that the St. Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network has been nursing.  The Network is spearheading No-Plastic Month activities and receiving assistance from the Sustainable Destination Council.

Sara Ramirez from the Network said that the activity will be planned by the children who will be participating in their Summer Camp program.

“St Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network we have two Hawksbill hatchlings that when they came out of their nest we weren’t sure they were going to make it, so we held them back and we’ve been raising them. The second week of camp is more of our older sea turtle campers and they are going to do a community project of putting together a sea turtle release so it will be at White House Bay and we’ll have more specific information about the time, but it will be very cool to see what the children put together for us. It’ll be very cool to see what the children put together for us, they are going to be educating us that day and then it’s kind of an optimistic, hopeful thing of, this is what we’re doing it for and then we send two turtles into the world and do our part to help keep them alive by not putting plastic into the sea.”

The campers will also be working on another project to help remind the public of the drive towards a more plastic-free society even after the month is over.

“We’re going to do a beyond Plastic Free July so there’s a clamp down on pollution camp starting July 31st and that runs through August 6th I believe and so we’ll be going in and doing a presentation and some sort of activity and we’re probably have the kids do a big banner that we’re going to see if one of the grocery stores would be willing to put up that says Beyond Plastic Week July to remind people, do you have your reusable bag so when they are walking from their car to the store that’s the reminder they’ll need once the campaign is over in July.”

There is also a competition that runs throughout the entire month in which people are being asked to show their “sustainable style.”

“A large part of this awareness campaign is through social media, so we want everyone to show us you sustainable style, so show us your reusable bag, what you’ve done to them to make them creative, or what you’re representing, your groups, your organizations, the causes that you are passionate about. Post them online and tag them #PlasticFreeSKB so that is the hashtag that we are using to really demonstrate our efforts within the federation and then if you hashtag #PlasticFreeJuly that connects us to the international movement that is happening in 130 plus countries around the world.”


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