St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); Persons interested in enrolling at the Clarence Fitzroy Byant College come September are being encouraged to apply early, and for recent high school graduates, they can apply before they get their CSEC results.

Kayrissa Kelly, Assistant Registrar over Admissions and registration, said applying to the CFBC can even be done online. 

The college offers Associate Degrees in multiple subject areas including nursing, early childhood education, Economics, and ICT. The CBFC also accommodates persons seeking certification in certain disciplines as well as adults who want to enroll as part time students. 

“Our admission period opened April 1 and ends July 31. Quite naturally the high-schoolers who would have done their examinations in the May/June sitting wouldn’t have their results as yet, as results are due in August, so we encourage them to apply within the admission period and then when they get their results they would submit them to the office of the registrar. 

“We have moved to an electronic portal so our prospective students can apply online by going to the college website and click apply and the application s done electronically. There is a $35 application fee.”

The college offers associate degrees in multiple subject areas including nursing, Early Childhood Education, Economics and ICT. The CFBC also accommodates persons seeking certification in certain disciplines, as well as adults who want to enroll as part time students.

 “We offer associate degrees right across the campus so you can get an Associate Degree in almost anything. Looking at our arts, science and general studies we offer degrees in business studies- like Accounts, Economics, Entrepreneurship- we offer an associate degree in science, humanities, you can explore law, sociology, it’s your choice.

“At our technical campus we offer associate degrees in every technical subject you can think about- timber construction, agricultural studies, motor vehicle engineering,  Air Conditioning & Refrigeration.

“For our adult learners as well they have the opportunity to come to CFBC part-time and pursue associate degrees as well.” 

While most Associate programs require a minimum of five CSEC subject passes, part time students do not have the same prerequisite.  

“We have a general entry requirement; it’s usually five subjects with English and Math included, however different programs may have their prerequisites. For example, Accounts, you would have the five subjects which would include some Accounting. The minimum subject pass requirement is for full time students. If you are going to be a part time student we don’t have any entry requirements. 

“Our doors are open to accommodate all who are interested in furthering their studies and upgrading their qualifications, so they can always enroll in our Adult and Continuing Education Division.”

The Assistant Registrar said tuition for national and non-nationals varies, however the cost associated with the various CFBC programs is quite affordable.

“The cost is very reasonable, very manageable. We are the premier tertiary institution in St. Kitts and Nevis. For nationals the cost is EC$395 per semester and it’s the same for nationals enrolling in the Technical Division. The programs are usually over a two-year period, so that’s four semesters. The good thing about it is persons aren’t required to pay the entire amount up front; we do multiple payment plans and salary deductions to assist and accommodate all our students.”

Non-nationals enrolling in the Arts, Sciences, and General Studies Division would have to pay tuition of approximately EC $45,850 annually, and for other divisions, the price would vary per subject.     






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