St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The Prime Minister of Grenada Dr. Keith Mitchell is highlighting weak, domestic and high-cost, intra-regional air travel as a major challenge that requires a collective regional response.

Speaking at the recent CARICOM heads of government conference that ended in Grenada Thursday (July 6), he called on his colleagues to collectively agree to reduce airline ticket taxes and other fees which lend to the high cost of air travel and also raised concerns about the operations of regional air carrier, LIAT.

At the press conference at the end of the meeting Dr. Mitchell said leaders had agreed to implement measures to improve travel in the region.

“Air transportation we noted has to also be improved where greater implement measures to facilitate the ease of travel in the region and mandated the government owned airlines to continue to work towards increasing the level of collaboration and coordination. We agreed also that the establishment of a single airspace should be pursued and mandated the secretariat to work with COSAS and relevant agencies to define a road map and identify the necessary resources for its implementation. We further agree to address the issue of multi-layered regime of aviation taxes within the context of appropriate mechanism for the financing of civil aviation related activities and request that the Caribbean Development Bank to finance the study of the impact of aviation taxes on the economies of member states.”


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