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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Former Antigua Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer is meanwhile alleging that there is not a level playing field on the matter of free movement of people within CARICOM.

Spencer, the current opposition leader in St John’s, tells WINN FM that it is a concern that needs to be addressed.

“The principle is not applied right across the board, when you look at how that principle is applied in some member states I don’t think it can safely argued that it’s a clear and open position. What seems to happen is that where you have the basic principle intact, there are certain regulations and so on in each member state which would make for that freedom of movement among CARICOM nationals, a hindrance. In other words barriers are set up which tend to create a problem in the application of the principle and it creates issues and I don’t want to single out any particular member states. I mean I know that there have been issues from time to time that would suggest that the application of the principle of freedom of movement is not applied across the board, a level playing field is not there so that individuals know, well look, such and such is the case in each member state and you seek to move up and down the region, you may find yourself having to deal with certain situations which are applicable to that particular member state and may not applicable in another member state, that is the type of thing I am talking about.”


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