St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); Sports Minister, Deputy Premier Mark Brantley says there’s no truth to Opposition claims that money allocated for the multi-million-dollar Mondo Athletic Track project in Nevis has run out, leaving the project stalled. 

Construction on the project started in December 2016, and had a targeted completion date of March 2017. In addition to the Mondo race track, the facility will be outfitted with a FIFA-certified football field.

The Deputy Premier told WINN FM that while there had been some delays, the project is on track.

“The Mondo track is on target. We had anticipated that we would have completed it for Inter-Primary Sports but after the relevant officials including the schools said that they would prefer not to, we were no longer on that fast time-line. 

“What has happened over there is that we’ve done some additional civil work, for example we added some retaining walls which were not part of the original plan and I think those walls would have cost us a few hundred thousand dollars because they are significant walls which will form the platform for the stadium, which is the second stage. So those were quite expensive, but they were necessary because of the slope of the land, and I don’t think those were part of the original contract. So yes, there has been moderate overrun, but that is because of the change orders that have been made.”

He said over the past few weeks rain had also caused several days of delay.

With the civil work complete, Mr. Brantley said the actual track and lighting fixtures arrived on Nevis a few weeks ago, however they await the engineers from Mondo and the lighting company to arrive on island to do the installation.

“The main civil works are now completed. The track is to be an IAAF-certified track and as a consequence, Mondo, which is installing the track their engineers have to surpervise the laying of the final layer of asphalt on which the track will be installed. I can say that the track is here; it’s been on island now for some weeks, and we were waiting on the Mondo engineers to be here, and they will be here in the next few days.

“The other major project is the lighting, that project was given to Musco Sport Lighting, the same people who did the lighting at Warner Park. All the necessary fixtures and fittings are here on island, and those engineers are also going to be here in the coming days in order to finalize the lighting.” 

The Sports Minister anticipates the project will be complete in the next few weeks, and handed over to the Ministry for an official opening during the Culturama festivities.


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