St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): At least one CARICOM leader took to highlighting trading problems within the region, at the recently concluded heads of government summit held in Grenada.

That island’s Prime Minister, Dr Keith Mitchell, indicated there that one of the commodities being exported by the Spice Isle, has suffered as a result.

“Colleagues, closing the political distance with our regional constituents also means that we must deliver on the proposition committed by our fore bearers as far back as Dickson Bay in 1965, 'aware that the broadening of domestic markets through the elimination of barriers to trade between territories is a prerequisite to such development , convinced that such elimination of barriers to trade can best be achieved by the immediate establishment  of a free trade economic community for all countries we so desire.’ I’m therefore sure that we all understand that 52 years on our regional constituents are becoming skeptical, when it is demonstrated time and time again, that after satisfying all our treaty provisions they cannot export  to our neighboring countries, duck meat from Suriname or honey from Grenada. The same honey that is exported to the United States and Europe, and has won several international awards for quality. Colleagues these actions diminish the hard earned gains of our integration efforts, so much so that is widely chronicled about CARICOM that intra-regional trade is obstructed by known tariff barriers which all affect our global competitiveness.”


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