St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): On Saturday, The Annual Summer Concert by the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College Choral Ensemble will be celebrating more than two decades of entertaining the country.

The Annual Summer Concert takes place on July 15th in the Wesley Methodist Church Hall or Old Boy’s School in Basseterre starting at 8:00pm.  

WINNFM spoke to the Director of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College Choral Ensemble Gary Knight about what attendees should expect from the concert.

“The venue is the Wesley Methodist Church Hall, the Old Boys School, the time is 8pm, and tickets are available from members of the ensemble as well as Harper’s Office Depot the one across from Scotiabank. What can be expected is an evening of great music. It is not a long concert, I don’t do long concerts, I like persons to be able to get in and get out, so it’s not all day, all night so you’ll be able to catch your buses to go back home, you might even be able to catch a movie depending on how early the movie is. We’re starting the concert with our usually sacred, secular section in the second section of the concert we are doing some seventies, eighties pop music, along with some jazz pieces, we are going to close out the concert with a calypso medley, that I’m certain that everybody will like, and we are redoing part of a feature of Broadway medley and then we are ending with a really spectacular performance by a piece originally done by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.”

Mr. Knight says that the choral ensemble performs a wide range of music, which often opens reluctant minds to new aspects of performing arts.

“What we do in the ensemble is a wide variety of music covering all genres, when I took over the ensemble initially which is made up mostly back then of students from the teachers education division as well as nursing, the main repertoire is gospel music but since then we have changed the repertoire and so we cover gospel or sacred music, we do jazz, Broadway stuff, and Caribbean, in terms of reggae, calypso, and classical music. What I found initially is that there was sort of this rejection of the music sometimes from the choir members but overtime they have really learned to appreciate a lot of the music that we do and I’m quite surprised that they themselves have come now and they recommend all sorts of people for us to do that I would have recommended myself.” 

Mr. Knight added that the ensemble is a great opportunity for young people to be involved in something positive.

“The ensemble is made up of students currently in college as well as a great portion of students who are alumni of the college, the ensemble has always presented an opportunity for them to learn to sing, to learn new repertoire, and just to be engaged in the performing arts so that they look forward to coming back all the time, as a matter of fact every time students who were away studying on vacation on the island I just see them pop back up in the choir rehearsals. The general public has been really very supportive of the ensemble because they realize it is something positive, not just in a musical sense but in terms of something positive for the youth to do.”


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