St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Opposition MP Konris Maynard is accusing Speaking Michael Perkins of throwing him out of parliament for insignificant reasons.

Close to the end of the July 11 parliamentary session the Speaker ordered the opposition MP to leave the House for what Speaker Perkins labeled gross disrespect.

However Maynard tells WINN FM that the Speaker continues to make a mountain out of a molehill.

“And we take umbrage with the fact that the gentleman who has been elected as the Speaker of Assembly is depriving the voices of constituents in this country from having fair representation in the parliament for frivolous matters. The Hon. Nigel Carty was suspended from parliament because he thought he was laughing at the Speaker, I was suspended from the parliament because I was standing waiting my turn to seek some clarification from the Chair. I was refused an opportunity to make a personal statement because I simply repeated a ruling that the Speaker has said. I was asked to leave the parliament on adjournment, two minutes before the assembly closed, because I had some back and forth across the floor suggesting that I feel that there is too much protection of certain people in the parliament. These are frivolous matters that the Chair is intent, perhaps an agenda, to try and keep us out of the parliament.”

However Speaker Perkins says he had good reason to discipline MP Maynard.

“Given the authority that I have and the discretion that I have and in this case, applying one of the rules of the House which is found in section 49 to name him, because I found his behavior at the time to be grossly disorderly and totally disrespectful, abject behavior in my mind and so he was named and once a member is named there is a follow up step where a minister of government is asked to move that the member is suspended, which was done.”

What transpired just prior to the adjournment of the House was something the Speaker contended was deliberately orchestrated by the opposition MP.


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